Burning Desire - Lit
Burning Desire - Lit

Layla Love Art

Burning Desire - Lit

Regular price $10,000.00

Collaboration with Joshua Sophrin

Material: Metal Print using sublimation heated to evaporation for eight separate layers, creating the only true indoor/outdoor metal so you can display your art in all weather.

Description:  Joshua and Layla met after hours at the Black & White Show in New York City, where Love’s first Butterfly Effect image was shown.  The owner entrusted them both overnight to create amongst the $30 million art collection. Layla had come to do a photoshoot, and Joshua was practicing his new light mapping techniques by projecting onto Love’s photograph, which was 50 x 70 inches on the wall.  They quickly decided to collaborate, and Love would photograph and document his light mapping, and she would also bring her portrait subjects into the light mapping.  This was such an exciting, unexpected collaboration for both of them that they stayed up until dawn, mapping not only Love’s work but also on the works of Warhol and Basquiat, who were in the same show. They have continued to be friends and collaborators for more than a decade. Joshua is an installation artist pioneering light mapping, yielding and inventing cutting-edge technologies. 

Size: 38.8” x 35.8” (98.6 x 90.8 cm)

Edition: Unique Artwork 1/1

Certificate of Authenticity number: BE29

Price: $10,000

*After the 2022 release of this full collection, Love will not be creating more than one Butterfly Effect art piece per year.

Certificate of Authenticity

Alongside each artwork you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to verify the artist and the unique details of the work. Each piece is cataloged with a sequence number. In addition you will be provided with an original gallery sales receipt signed by Love and a one of a kind color-coded wax seal. Upon request we offer a complimentary NFT of the work for digital tracking.