Created Equal

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Created Equal

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Created Equal
Printed on: 4 panels  from historical wood from President Thomas Jefferson State.
Edition: 1 of 1
Size: 24x26in (together)
Signed, dated and number in the reverse.
Signature label and certificate of authenticity included.
Authenticity number: LL.8479

This is the Thomas Jefferson wall: A unique piece printed on wood, from a 200+ year old felled tree at Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. 
Thomas Jefferson authored perhaps one of the most influential phrases in human history, “all men are created equal,” Paradoxically, Jefferson himself was a slave owner and never freed the vast majority of his ~600 slaves. Adding to the controversy, Jefferson famously had an extended affair with one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings, with whom he fathered several children.
The coveted wood is from a keepsake chest made from a Tulip Poplar recently removed from along the west lawn portico. Evidence strongly suggests that the poplar was planted during the time of Jefferson’s residence. As an architect, Jefferson was intimately involved in the landscaping on the grounds and likely directly influenced the planting of the tree.
The piece comes with certificate of authenticity. The chest is first being photographed with butterflies escaping its hold, illustrating the freeing of slaves from the bonds of even our nation’s most revered forefathers. The box itself represents a renowned paradox.
The deconstruction of the chest was filmed. One photograph is a composite on the wall signifying full emancipation from slavery, in light of the epidemic our society currently faces with the global slave trade -- human trafficking -- today being over 40 million people.